I always used my intuition to make financial decisions. In 2015, I founded our brand, InvestXa and decided to actively combine intuitive intelegence and financial tools, to build my investment portfolio. When I noticed how commun my approach was with the Mayan culture, I decided to use the Mayan theme, to nurture my financial education content. Obtaining great success with this system, I decided to offer the same strategy to clients all over the world.

investXa is financial education that teaches you how to to use intuitive intelligence and has a class curriculum with content inspired by the Mayan culture.

To properly communicate financial concepts I became a Theme Financial Education Communication Specialist and founded with my husband the brand: INVESTXA inspired int he MAYAN culture.

I see many good lessons that we can learn from the MAYAN people:

1.- They were great mathematicians and to be honest with you, in order to make money, you need to love numbers. I found in the MAYAN mathematical skills a passion to teach others about numbers and how to calculate their budget and investments goals.

2.- They had a great knowledge about cycles and created a calendar that was more favorable than the current calendar. I see we need to learn more from the MAYAN how their perceived and processed time as a resource and learn how they “timed” their actions.

3.- They had a very interesting society, that extended in a very a vast region. This connection is required to overcome challenges.

4.- They cacao was used as a currency and this gives us a clue about very important concepts in the economy: MONEY and CURRENCY. We need to explore to understand how financial markets work and be ready for financial innovation.

5.- They have a very strong connection with the sky, they used it as a map to navigate their life. This map was a key to understanding their history and they got used to to do a forecast about future needs. We have lost this connection with nature and we can not forecast even our own personal financial needs and make wise and solid savings and investments decisions with purpose.

6.-They have their own medicine and had a very special respect for nature that is at the end the source of all wealth.

That is why I created investXa to provide an entertaining and very attractive way to teach you finances, inspired by the MAYAN culture and legacy.

7.- They vanished from their territories and expert do not know where do they went or what caused this but there is archeologist that have found ruins of Mayan architecture in South of the continental USA territory. For me, this capacity to migrate is a knowledge that aloud reinventing yourself and is key to financial prosperity. I lived a migration in my life and I learned many many wise lessons from this process that built my character and personality.