Interesting experience with money.

I usually keep cash in my wallet to wire my brain for having money. My husband left this two bills from a foreign country at home. Could you believe that my brain resisted putting these bills into my wallet? Just because is foreign currency, does not mean is not real cash... but.. I resisted to see IT as valuable "cash" to fit my purpose of having cash in my wallet... to work my money energy. This is dangerous, because logic can trick you.

At the end is all about been ready to appreciate. This cash carries the same qualities of any money in the USA, but my mind asked, where should I put it? Yesterday I saw my wallet was empty But ... Why I did not put these two bills into my wallet before? Valuable lesson! Do you know that money making opportunities are in disguised for your mind? Be aware, that sometimes the main block to having cash in your wallet, is your own mind.