Many times when I am very tired and busy, doing accounting and payments arranging receipts for payments each month when all my payments are due.. and is very, very hard for me to sit and process a mountain of paper work and check all automatic payments are done and all the categories of expenses are ready for our CPA, etc

It is tedious work to open the mail, record the amounts of each payments in the books, make sure all payments are done, check-in receipts for the tax deduction ...

Balance the check books.

So I decided to turn my paper payment notes into art work with an special touch that makes me happy.

In addition I give myself special breaks to reward my effort with money.

What counts is the intention that you use to do your financial work.

This intention translate into the energy that is projected into your finances.

Do you hate financial housekeeping?

Money will a challenge.

You receive what you give.

It is important that you want, love and enjoy doing administrative financial work to manage your budget and your taxes.

Looking for a good relationship with working your money is important to have financial freedom.

Other people can not do for you, what is your own finger print over your finances.