Many times we think that the only way to learn how to manage money is when we have money. But in reality, money escapes the limits of numbers and administrative financial platforms and can be applied to the simple things that happen to us in life.

For example, sometimes to succeed by raising a kitten, you have to place it in a cage so it can be tamed. Sometimes you need to lose your fear, sometimes you need to learn to go to the bathroom in a specific place, sometimes you need to learn to share your space with another animal. All this applies to money. If God gave you all the money in the world today,

it is important that you take specific steps to be in the right environment for your growth. Maybe this cage is a budget and certain helps to meet a goal. Believe me .. money can rip you off and we need controlled and benevolent spaces to be successful.

That's why many people who win the lottery lose all the money they received. Think about it ... and decide to learn money with everything around you. since everything can help you to be prosperous.