Birmingham was in the 1940 the Atlanta of the South but after the iron industry declined, the inner city decay in disrepair until people got used to.

The city was developed as a place where cheap, non-unionized, and African-American labor from rural Alabama could be employed in the city's steel mills and blast furnaces, giving it a competitive advantage over unionized industrial cities in the Midwest and Northeast.

Birmingham  is "ugly bydesign". 

Miles and miles of properties are in need of a major rehab.

How this could happen? 

I believe is a lack of self esteem that became a mind set. People do not see the ugly any more when ugly is a lifestyle.

Even with new influx of money, new business have this low key.. rustic ugly inner city urban style.

Birmingham is a big opportunity for people that can maneuver their expectation about what beauty means. 

If you can understand if for some people, ugly means a life style, then you can navégate easily the Cinderella of the South and maybe enjoy the magic that stills lives there.

This picture was taken in the second most visited restaurant of Birmingham...