I learned in the last couple of days, after my self esteem coach told me so many time to show my true self, that I was hiding behind my ugliness. 

I did not want to shine, because ugly means, invisibility and this means for me "safety" .

Then I was recognized by my work and got triggered by terror.

Nightmares of me been persecuted for my gift took over my dreams.

Yes, after been recognized, I was terrified that people could know about my intuition.

But I decided after working many hours with my self, that intuition is a technology that breach the gaps with divinity, adjust your relationship with God, because you can use part of you in concentrate in what is expected to be the best outcome!

Guided by intuition is easy to see God working behind the circumstances that affects you in life.

Then you can glorify him in advance! In faith and move forward toward this achievement.

That is why I needed to believe in my intuition to offer this help to others and make God's work more tangible in our life's.