This is what I have learned After 10 years in Social Media From Lolybel Negrin & Vivian Watson If I share awesome! videos from amazing coaches And @investXa members does not see Them interacting and having a real friend to support them To be with them ... to talk to them Not to me ... Is like nothing exists! Because This is not about selling to them A class A service A product is about cooperating with others Not with me They are too shy to be visible ... They do not want to be in Social Media because they do not sale that way.. Many coaches only want their clients money And they do not be visible after their sale is over ... That is an error! But many coaches are old Trained as corporate professionals They are not into New forms of communication Social Media is not all about advertising and sales is about Relationships and friendships in public Visible ! So go like the comments and interact With others ! That is key And if you need to learn yo do that we have a class for you! To get familiar with Social Media World properly