Yes... we invested a handsome amount of money in our business and now we have a debt.

The first impulse is: I need customers to sale a product to pay my debt.

We fear the debt, worts, we fear not having customers to repay our investment... 

this amazing project becomes a liability.

Because you need the money.

Logical? No? Fair? No? 

But success is not logical. 

Business success has its own timing... 

It has an evolution that does not seem logical. 

Pricing your products and services at the beginning of your business is an strategy that is not logical...

Prices are not only based on cost of production but is also based on the priceless effort of building a market. This is an effort that cost more than the income you will receive and is ok. 

Today I saw a restaurant  ... that is priced like a penalty for its customers, a slap in your face! instead of a fair experience.

The product description? 

Poor presentation, small portions, nothing special in the taste, the fair deal .. the norm ... what you and any one would expect ... but expensive !  

Truly Expensive for its arrangements. So expensive that you could listening to the plates screaming: my cost of production is too high! And because I want to do this, you must finance it! 

Is not an invitation, is a demand... 

You can taste the debt behind the project.

Are you selling your customers your debt? 

Wrong mind set... customers are not the one to blame for the business liability ...

Do not base your prices in your debt ratio.

Increase your productivity with better systems and innovation and make sure people that consume your products feel that is a reward to join your market.