Learning first and making decisions is a challenge! We are in a world of moving fast and fast... But investXa is committed to have a safe zone dedicated only to teach and make sure all people are crystal clear of what they are learning.

This week we are learning a very simple platform that we can resume in this case study:

If you had a way to save money in a place that you would not loose because is protected with a floor

A grandfather could give $5000 as a Christmas gift,

and deposit into am index account, earning 7% to 8% return of investment,

with out paying taxes, because is tax exempted.

The child is 5 years old. Then, his or her parents, decide to save $25 per month, only $300 per year... less than the cellphone bill or the utility bill.

and this child learn the habit and continue saving until his or her 70th birthday, the day that this child with her or his white hair is blowing the candles

will have saved $500,000

and secured an income of $45,000 that would last until age 120.

This is how you can work using

Tax optimization strategies and time as a powerful tool to create wealth.