I told you that is hard to see what you do not know.

So today I want to talk to you about a very important financial concept, but from a spiritual perspective: your BUDGET.

I used to be terrified by my budget ... no money and so many expenses, it was a tornado. A storm. A fight. A torture.

But when I understood that I can not get money for something that has no name in my life, the tornado transformed into a big TREE with FRUITS.

Each fruit is an activity or object that cost you money. What we call it an expense.

Put a name to each fruit.

Call it into existence, give it a name but not a value. Very important.

Do not be afraid of making a budget because you do not have the income to sustain it.

Your tree is growing and now is a new tree that later will give you oxygen, protection from de sun and heat, etc.

Maybe your budget is just seed, then your work is to mix the soil and make it grow, healthy and enormous

Do you see a fruit now?

1.- my home payment is a fruit,

2.- my car payment is a fruit ,

3.- my groceries payments is a fruit,

4.- my clothing is a fruit,

5.- education is a fruit

6.- what dream do you have? Is a fruit!

Call it into existence! Give it a name.

Remember, your work is to name it not to count it.

Your mission today is to see your expenses as a fruit in a big tree that you will plant in gratitude, not in fear.

Forget the $ dólar amount. Numbers can intimidate you.

The more fruits you name, the easier it gets.

Then this obstacle will appear in your mind:

We get scared by expenses, surprised by expenses .. a new expense every month!

Call it out of the shadow.

No more ..

each fruit has a purpose when it has a name.

The $ value is a second steep & I call this process of finding the value "Grounding".

This Grounding process I can not explain it here in detail because this is a big lesson for other opportunity.

Now, call your FRUITS into existence, create a big beautiful TREE