Many friends and family always tells me: “I am not good with money”, “I do not know about investments”, “I have no money to save”, “what account are you talking would give you in average more than your bank”, “how much money can you save in 20 years?”, “I do not have a steady income”, “I do not understand my health insurance”, “I do not believe money is the key, I am still searching for the meaning of my life”, “I need money now then I can save later”, “My bank account is so confusing...!” “How can I build a patrimony of $500,000?”

Many questions, comments and the sensation of confusion, unknown territory, Not knowing what to do first, what goal to pursue.

I agree that this challenging life experience can give you so much uncertainty.

The key is simple:

Find your life Mission first,

and answer three simple questions:

How much should I save?

for how long?

to earn how much based on my budget?

Then be clear: You need to know your LIFE MISSION of PURPOSE, then you need to do a budget to back it up.

Answering these three questions will be part of learning to navigate the Metro of Paris of your finances.