The name investXa was born in a trip to the Mayan Rivera, exploring local words and learning about this magnificent culture that built a great empire, more than 1000 years ago.

For me, finances and having money are like exploring a mysterious culture that had many secrets and a secret language. Having money is sweet as Mayan chocolate, too. Building wealth can be dark and bitter, as dark chocolate. In the past, cacao was even a currency. So I found a natural connection between this name and my prosperity building journey.

InvestXa is "a lab" where I have the opportunity of applying, just to me, the financial education received. My experience can help others to see how money issues react, evolve, behave, interact...

My goal is not selling you a product or a service ... I am generous today because people that are wealthy and generous, are blessed and protected. I believe, that if I share with others the info God gave me to become wealthy, some way, some how, my wealth have been shared too.

I am committed to focus only in my personal financial freedom discovery journey, offering you a window to explore. I hope this inspire you to act. I know that similar people tend to group and yes ... we are already a core group with similar mindset and habits.

Slowly but growing community. I can see a common thread in all of us ...

Not to me ❤️ I am paid by my investments already. When you attend our classes or co-create with us your #prosperityleader plan, you are paying to yourself.

(Maybe not as much as I wish but for sure I am on track to achieve my dreams. :)

If you have questions about finances, I can talk from personal experience, not from a sales scripts, and show you what my own results are.

After all, I am in a wealth chemistry lab every day, and I know my element well ... yes budgeting, taxes, savings, investing, health planning, fixing FICO, paying credit cards, mortgages, asset protection, real estate property management, living trust , pet insurance and funeral planning...

One thing is reading a book and other one is doing it. And finding what really works. And yes ! You need to talk about this before you need it. ..

So join me if you want to have a companion in this journey... I feel soon I may decide to be even more private with my own wealth building experience and offer only to a selected group of specific people that really resonates with my heart... this will evolve naturally ...

Building wealth alone can be more difficult and I am grateful to share my journey with souls that in wisdom are committed and financially responsible.

Many times, I interact with people that think that I am wealthy just by pure luck or that they should get same results doing only 1 % of the effort I have to put on it ... some times people say they do not care about the material until they see how limited life can be if you can not finance it ... other times, people think I have to help them because I am in a better position .. I do not forget where I came from ...

My wealth building journey has not been about obsessing about money but rather leting God to transform me in a good administrator.

To be honest with you: nothing replace habits , commitment , faith , humility , hard work, education, saving and investing with a purpose , focus and time ... And thank you God for all you have given me. I am sure you also have provide for anyone the opportunity to prosper if they really want to. I know if they listen to you God , they too can be a #prosperityleader