Real Estate investing across the USA aloud me to keep the pulse of my country. USA has areas in need of revitalization. Is clear to me, that Real Estate Investors are vital to turn a neighborhood from neglected to a new shining opportunity.

Since the day I started with $400 in my pocket and “a $0 money down deal” I have learned a lot. This career involves challenges and take a great amount of courage.

Is not for everybody. You need to have intuition, courage and strong will to keep your concentration.

I have been able to achieve 55% ROI after 10 years in a combined investment portfolio in three cities in USA: Birmingham, Bexley and San Diego.

GREAT SUCCESS but not without sleepless nights, many difficult moments, countless evictions, more than 20 renovation done with my own hands and a lot of intuition!

This experience has aloud me to be the leader that I am today. I feel gratitude.

I am also clear, that God has protected me.

God brought me up to here.

To celebrate my 10 anniversary, I decided to take a weekend of spiritual retreat at the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Alabama. It has been a real journey for me. I got clear that my purpose has been in service to others.

I will continue investing in Real Estate because it helps put a new face to reality.

The impact of my work is real.

Is a tangible, is a legacy, that stand solid and represents a patrimony. It builds a country.

I am looking forward to see the cities of the future.

I already can see many of them forming and I am happy to encounter them building the future.

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