This culinary joy, unexpected, extremely rare and valuable, came up to us as a recommendation. Is still in our memories, one of the most beautiful dinners I have enjoyed with my husband Carlos. We had an amazing time at the beautiful Punjab Grill Bangkok. Please visit this amazing restaurant to relax and indulge yourself with the magic world of Indian and Asian cuisine, immersed in the most amazing music and the attentive care of the gentle staff. We were honored to meet the extraordinary and talented Chef, Bharath S Bhat, Michelin Star wonder, who gave us a chocolate fire ball as an extraordinary dessert experience to close our nigh. We could not believe our eyes when this melted wonder revealed squares of ice cream inside... I wish I had two stomachs to eat more... The bread, the drinks and the dishes were really out of this world. Please visit and transport yourself to places where luxurious flavors that delighted royal families for centuries, can be enjoyed by people of the world, like you and me. Looking forward to come back soon.