Since the beginning of 2016 we started our program FINANCIAL CLARITY, a simple 5 Module process that can transform your financial life, simple, respectfully.

We get together for a period of 90 days for 24 hours, in different sessions to co-create your finances.

Yes, we sale financial products. But the vibe is different.

Customers can interact with us in very nice "theme events" tailored to their taste and preference, a real respectful, fun and experience that customers really like. Engagement is very high, motivation is real.

Is all about them, the CUSTOMER.

Having a different perspective is more important than been smart; but SMART is about having intuition and following the right path. I do not believe in competition, I believe in collaboration and contribution. We are all different.

Each person is unique, no need to be competitors.

We should collaborate with each other.

I am ok, you are ok.

I am having a lot of fun with my business now.

As a journalist, I learned under the Chavez's regime, in Venezuela, a real dictatorship, the value of been truth to your-self, even when you are not appreciated.

Customers & business partners are coming. July is building up.

investXa Hub place is growing.

Is about a tribe of like minded individuals that unite efforts for a common good.

We are embracing this journey as a real team, delegating, encouraging and working with the customer as a priority.

The customer is coming, because we have a real service and a real product.

The need is real.

70 % of the population in USA can potentially pass their last ten years of life in critical poverty, because we are living longer and we are saving less... who is not going to run out of money? The challenge is BIG but thank God! we are SMART.

I continue to be a journalist and

I am in the job of describing reality. Not manipulating it.

Now is time to BE, before you DO.

And believe and trust in your education, your intentions and your wisdom.

The rest is EGO.

EGO never makes you happy or healthy.