I immigrated to USA when I was 22 years old with the big dream of becoming a filmmaker and TV Producer to create spiritual videos that can be the inspiration of spiritual transformation in the world. I wanted to use my intuition and my spiritual knowledge to create audiovisual products that will infuse the world with this beautiful images of inspiration, art and soul. I had recently graduated as one of the 15th best audiovisual communication investigators in Venezuela. But I came to USA unprepared to the financial challenges this country represents for immigrants. I immediately started to battle financial challenges; starting a new life in a country where I did not know about credit report, resume building, renting or buying a home, understanding why 1/2 of my paycheck went to deductions, savings for the future and the language. I felt alone, lost and unsupported, discriminated and scared. I struggled for many years with my family to pay my rent, have a good job, pay for health care for my mother, continue to fund education for improving my career skills as filmmaker, while building debt in credit cards that paid for basic needs like food and household expenses. My dream of been a Filmmaker was out of the reach because our main focus was to deal with the financial overwhelming struggle of immigrating to a new country.

My dream of becoming a filmmaker was everyday farther because I was exhausted to work three jobs to keep my family safe financially ... Until my body break down due to stress and fatigue, I lost all of my jobs and with my lack of financial education, I declared bankruptcy in my early 30.

I was devastated financially and professionally. Heart broken ... my dream faced the great block of having a financial struggle. My career background “Filmmaker” was the world to me, but in the job market I was not an engineer or an attorney or a well paid professional...

I struggled to find a good job... but I had this great fire in my heart to create this videos that can be art and inspiration.

One very dark night, I decided to surrender...

Then decided that instead of giving priority to finding the money I needed, I will give priority to my prayer life and meditation spiritual space. And build my creative side. I empowered my soul to build a strong foundation for my dreams and from my spiritual power I was able to build a new life.

I started to heal and rebuild my life, my family economy improved and little by little the people that supposed to show in my destiny appeared.

My intuition and spiritual power was embraced as a gift and my creativity grow.

I founded The Filmmaking Co and married the love of my life.

Later my husband and me had financial challenges but my previous experiences aloud me the strength to, not only protect current patrimony, but building an investment portfolio that will be the foundation of our retirement life. We studied about finances together and keep writing articles and producing videos, traveling and living. I learned in this episode of “financial challenge II” that having a big career and been an engineer does not isolate you from having a financial struggle if you make a wrong financial decision like buying a home with the wrong lending product... the ARM loan crisis of 2008 shocked many professionals in the USA... This is the moment when we both look at each other and said: “if an street smart cat like you and a great eagle like me do not study finances... both of us, will not survive in USA, here is not about the job... is about the strategy and how you play that plan to favor your dream soul purpose”.

Thanks to this challenge, we created Sharp Cash Solutions, LLC our home company in 2008 that runs many of our brands and projects, monitor our mortgages, our savings and run our accounting for tax strategy optimization. Then got real estate properties for rehabbing and sale, renting and saving for retirement. Put together events, classes and workshops, traveled and educated since 2008 giving me the opportunity to be a financial journalist while working other projects to help my husband. Many people may think that I was able to invest because I had my husband money, but the truth is that my husband asked me to buy my first investment home with a $0 money deal... actually I started to cry, thinking “If I could buy a home with no money, do not you think I would do it for my family before? specially after struggling so much to pay my rent?” well... after learning a creative way to buy investment properties, I paid $400 for my first rental, appraised in $100,000. I will never forget the first time I waked the home and said, “I bought this home with $400, a 1/3 of my monthly rent cost”. We did this project at end of 2009.

The voice started to pass about our knowledge and we started a tribe called “investXa” in 2012 that follow us in Facebook and Twitter, integrated by friends and family that can learn basic principles of financial education (Financial Matrix, different wealth building principles, tax optimization strategies, insurance and health care, saving and investing with a purpose, credit repair, resume building and job search). Many family members benefited from our experience buying or saving homes from foreclosures; finding new jobs, building credit report, saving for retirement and learning to invest in stocks and traveling with points and miles. We were very happy to help others spiritually and financially with information. We do not provide legal, real estate or tax advise as professional but our experience aloud us to share what is our personal journey.

I stand for prayer and spirituality as source of wealth building empowered by your soul dream purpose. I know that if you want something, you need to start inside of you and not trying to control others around you. I believe that if you learn about finances with the eyes of your soul, you will understand much better how the financial system works in your favor to help you build your dreams. I also know that your body will heal or get sick with the energy that is part of your life.

I discovered that I loved sharing audiovisual with spiritual and financial education principles. That My heart had a great joy when after a consultation a person that had a great purpose had a great breakthrough and was able to overcome a financial challenge that was an obstacle to their dream. I learned to overcome financial challenges to reach your dream, empowering your soul with prayer, meditation and intuition.

I am not alone, I have the support of a great team, not only my husband and my family, but many different companies and coaches have associated with us to help us.

Today we want to thank all our family members, our vendors that help investXa and True Habitat; Our associates from Team Financial Revolution Transamerica Financial, KW Chula Vista, ISAGENIX, New Wealth Advisors and The Financial Literacy Center of San Diego, coaches like Lolybel Negrin, Debby Eubank, Mike Biglane, partners like Li Tian, Maria H. Diaz and Her husband Hector Rodriguez and Lupe Ibarra, Rita M Andrade, Marianela Maldonado and INVENTO FILMS, Hera Hub, Premier Business Center and many others that I can not mention or this list will be too long! But that have believed in us and fostered our success... with all my heart: Thank you! We are looking forward to create the new chapter of our success story.

We dedicate our job to all of you that want to save and invest with a purpose.